The competition for chemicals market is fierce these days because hundreds of home producers of the same kind are operating. The mounting competition has given us the better understanding of what it means by surviving against the odds and losing the lead from stagnation. In order to make Sanmu' s operation more competitive, Sanmu Group is convinced that phenomenal growth results from heavy investment, so it spend more heavily in the sustained expansion of operations.

Projects Completed
1,2000-kilowatt steam power plant serving Sanmu itself
20,000t/y phthalic anhydride producing unit
40,000t/y plasticizer producing unit
5000t/y benzoic acid producing unit
80,000t/y formaldehyde producing unit
10,000t/y pentaerythritol producing unit
30,000t/y amino resin producing unit
The aboved-mentioned projects have been completed and started up operation Expansion project of 16,000t/y epoxy resin producing unit

To be completed,
50,0000t/y Polychloroethylene resin project
12,000t/y melamine project

Equipment for Projects
China' s best equipment is integrated into project design. New investments will lay the groundwork for the strategies of vigorous expansion.